Wednesday 3/3/10


1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Compare to 2/10/10

Post weights to comments.

Crossfit Warmup
Mobility Training: PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching
Movement Training:
Clean and Jerk Progression


Tex said...
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kseki said...

Did Helen today... 11:53.

Anonymous said...

Started with Helen: 8:58 (PR)

Then today's DLs: 135, 180, 270, 315, 410, 410, 415 (PR)

Two PRs in one day feels good. Today was the second day that I did the WOD after having a cup of coffee, so I'm becoming a believer in a small dose of caffeine prior-to.

Jimmy said...

ran 60 minutes for time (on 1% grade)as part of 1/2 marathon train-up:
- 6.82 miles

Maj said...
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Maj said...

couldn't make it this morning...lifted at 1400. Today was a good day.

315, 355, 375, 400(PR), 400, 400(f), 385, 385

JWhips said...

Did the PNF stuff first and then went into deadlift. Keep in mind that the active warm up is to get the blood flowing in your muscles so they are ready to be used. The stretching is something to hit hard post WOD, not really before. With the exception of the hip flexors, most muscles contract heavily during the WODs so you don't want them too loose. Rather you want them ready to go, i.e. the active warm-up. By stretching post WOD every day, you elongate the muscles so they stay flexible. If you just do it before the WOD, you'll have a false sense of flexibility and this could result in injury. All I'm tring to say is to do an active warm up before the WOD, and do the PNF stuff every day after the WOD. You should also do the PNF more than once a day if you can. Mark R, please correct me on all of the above if I'm wrong.

Anyway, deadlift:
275, 295, 305, 315, 335, 345(f), 345(f)
Not my best performance, but I made no sacrifices in my form. I could have gotten 345 or more, but it would have been at a cost I was not willing to pay today.

Looking forward to tomorrow. A new girl that I have not met before. Should be fun.

sdc said...

DL up to 330lbs (PR)

AJ said...

225, 295 (for 6 sets)

westpointlefty said...

405 DL (PR)

Tam said...

65, 115, 185 and 2 gym loops for good measure. MAC, a small cup of coffee does the body good!! :-)

Tex said...