Friday 4/2/10


AMRAP 20 Minutes:
Gym Loop
Max Reps Pull-ups

Post Rounds and Reps to Comments

OR the CrossFit Friday WOD:
Start in the '62 room
3 rounds of:
rope climb in Hayes (to the top of the rope)
2 laps around the Hayes track then back to '62 room
10 x rolling burpees (Man On Fire)
10 x overhead squat (95#/65#)

Post time to comments.


AJ said...

I accept any criticism and ridicule for my no show week. Also, I get nose surgery tomorrow and will be out all next week. Its going to be awhile before I see the morning crew again.

JWhips said...

CF Friday WOD as Rx'd: 14:20

This was the first time I've done OHS since October b/c of my shoulder. Good WOD!!! The rolling burpees were a unique stimulus. My head was spinning pretty good after each round of 10.

Alex, good job calling yourself out.

Maj said...

Felt pretty good this morning. I'm convinced that transitions are key to a good time. Think of it this way: if you rest 3 seconds before each exercise that adds up to 27 seconds added on to the time it takes to complete the exercises. That could make the difference in achieving a PR. Just a thought...

Man on fire WOD: 12:02

NM said...

14:17 on the CF Friday WOD.

Props to Maj and Tex this morning...smokin!

I'll be TDY for a bit...see you guys next Wednesday.

Tex said...

CF Friday WOD:
13:05 as rx'd.

Chasing Maj the whole way and watching my back for NM and Gregg.