Thursday 4/15/10

3 rounds for time of:
50 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (45lb) (This is to replace a 500m row)
21 x Burpees
Supe's Loop

Compare to 2/16/10

Post time to comments.


AJ said...


SM said...


The run was bad. I'm not sure if I like the Supe's loop or the Arvin Gym loop better.

JWM said...


Wondering the same thing as SM. Supt's loop feels longer but did not zap my legs as bad as the gym loop.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


Thanks for the push from Major Mayo and Gregg.

Gregg said...

19:02, awful

Anonymous said...

19:32, with the rower instead of SDLHPs, which I think makes it a very different WOD.

Thought the run would provide a "break"...hah!

Anonymous said...

to add to my last comment, my last time (with SDLHPs) was 16:15, so while the motion might be similar, I think the WOD is fundamentally changed with the rower. Something to consider when looking at your individual progression.

NM said...


My legs are doneski...

Hey, everyone better be there tomorrow AM...MAJ Blackmon is back in town! Get excited!

Maj said...

15:51 (PR by 31sec)
Tried running in the vibrams on this one. They felt pretty good.

Good push Tex!

westpointlefty said...


Tex said...

15:50 (in vffs for the first time in a while)
mostly thanks to Maj pushing me every step of the way.

I've been absent this week because I felt that I was really run down. The extra sleep and rest from workouts really made a difference in my energy levels and my general outlook on life. The mentality here at WP is that we always need to be training and pushing our bodies. However, without enough sleep and general rest, our bodies fall into over-training and the workouts that we do have more of a negative effect than the positive effect that we expect. Just think about it.