Monday 4/26/10

Back Squat

3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3

Post weights to comments.


AJ said...

185, 185, 185, 185, 185

Been working on my form and it defintely showed today. Hopefully, now I can start adding more weight.

Gregg said...


SM said...

245, 255, 265(f), 255(f), 245, 245, 245

njc said...


Mac said...

Made up "Danny" from last week. That sucked about every last bit of will out me, and I will never listen to "Danny Boy" in the same way again.

3 rds +30 box jumps.

Bobby said...

275,275,285,295,315 (pr)

And to all the haters out there, I've started a strength training program so I will probably not show up in the AM's unless it is a strength workout.

NM said...

Made up Danny from last week...holy hanna! That was rough! I managed to squeak out 4 rounds plus 9 box jumps, but was whining the whole time. My push presses were more like push jerks also, so I should probably penalize myself. Anyways, great to see such a solid group of ninjas back out there today! I'm TDY til Friday so I'll see you guys then.

JWhips said...

My heavy grading is finally over (no real excuse, but the best that I have), and I finally took my PT test today:
PU: 77 in 1:20 - 100 points
SU: 77 in 1:30 - 100 points
Run: 13:00 - 100 points

I was slower than October, but still the 2nd fastest time I've run as an officer. Considering my WOD performance lately, I'm very happy with today. Also, chalk up another PT test in my VFFs.

I'm looking forward to being a regular morning person again.

Mark R said...

135, 155, 175, 185, 205, 215(f)

Tex said...

Did a B&G WOD from December 2008 with the climbing team down at the river courts in the rain:

3 rounds:
25m tire flip
25 burpees
25m walking lunges
25 burpees
25m duck walk

Used the medium tire

18:31 (47sec PR)

EB said...

205, 235, 245, 255, 265

Felt good today, even after death in the wavepool during swimming class!