Wednesday 12/02/09

Day of max effort

Max reps of body weight bench press
Max reps of body weight dead lift
Max reps of body weight overhead (press, push press, or push jerk)
-Scale overhead as needed. If you cannot clean your body weight, DO NOT try to get it overhead. Drop down to 3/4 or 1/2 body weight as needed.

max reps of pull ups
max height box jump

Post reps and height to comments.


Mark R said...

BW - 195
BP - 5
DL - 9
PJ - 3 @ 155
Box Jump - 53"
Pull Ups - 38 (PR)

JWhips said...

BW: 175
Bench - 16
DL - 31 (I lost my grip. I should have used a reverse grip so I could have done more reps)
Overhead - Skipped this one for shoulder reasons

Bonus: No pull-ups for me. 49.5" on box jump.

How do you entertain a bunch of MAJs in the gym? Ask them to see how high they can jump onto a pile.

Chris said...

BW: 185
BP: 2
DL: 24
PJ: 2 @ 135 - maybe had more, but not comfortable dropping under the bar at this weight
Pullups: 15 (grip gave out)
Can't remember box jump height.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

BW - 155 used 165
BP - 8
DL - 16
PJ - 2 @ 135

Didnt do the Bouns but did alter Cindy(5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats) Every minute on the minute for 10 mintues

Gregg said...

BW 185
Pullups (deadhang) 10
boxjump 46.5" (didn't get to max out)
MAJ W-definitely entertained seeing a bunch of O-4s happy about jumping onto a pile of rubber.

Gregg said...
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JJ said...

BW- ?, used 175#
BP - 10
DL - 44
PJ - 7
Box Jump - 49.5", no Pull-Ups, had to go...

NM said...

BW - 170
BP - 19
DL - 38
PJ - 4
Box Jump - 52.5"
Pull-ups - 41

Props to DB for stickin' it to me this AM! We've said it many times before, but working out with a partner pays huge dividends. Not only does it make it more fun, but the healthy competition forces us to go well past what we would do on our own. I would encourage you guys to figure out how to incorporate these dynamics into your platoon PT will only make you better, both physically and through sharing hardship together.

Dubbs said...

BW - 175
BP - 8 (weak...last Lynne I did 15)
DL - 26
PJ - 1/2...dropped to 155 and did 5
Box Jump - 49.5"...would like to have tried one more plate, but had to go
Pull-ups - 20 (weak)

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

BW - 170
BP - 15
DL - 43
PJ - 11
Box Jump - 47"
Pull-ups - 38

NM, I wouldn't call it sticking it to you...I have no doubt that going last on all the events helped out a lot. Payback from the thruster workout. However, a win is a win and that is 2 this week.

For everyone else, I echo NM's comments. Having a partner/partners holds you accountable and makes you push harder. Which in turn makes you better. Healthy competition fosters growth. With that we should celebrate the successes of our group. Congrats to Mark R on a pull up PR today. Setting a PR on the last exercise of a workout like today's really means something.

SB said...

BW= 165
box jump- 52"
Strict pullups- 14

JWM said...

BW - 181 (used 185)
BP - 6
DL - 31
PJ - 4 (at 155)
PU - 36 (PR)
Box Jump - 50" (stopped there with knees in tact)

Body(InProgress)ByBGCF said...

BW: 165

BP: 10
DL: 20
PP (115 lbs): 10

CM said...

BW - 195
BP 7 @195
DL 13 @195
PJ 4 @155
Box 40" (stopped there as I didn't want to crash and burn)
PU 28 (PR)

MikeRothen said...

BW-179, used 175lbs

PP-12 at 115

17 pull-ups
48" jump - had fun building the tower and trying to go higher each time. did better than i thought i would.

Tex said...

BW - 155
BP - 15
DL - 50
Pull-ups - 33 (17 under PR)
Box Jump -44"

LDO said...

BW 160

15 Bench
25 DL
2 Push Jerks

did not attempt the bonus, as my forearms were smoked.

Jon said...

Got this in this afternoon with Gregg and Pete.

BW: 155
BP: 5
DL: 17
PJ: 4 (at 135#)
PU: 16 (deadhang)
Box Jump: 51 in