Monday 12/21/09

Tabata This (sort of...)

Tabata sequence, 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for a total of 4 minutes, for each of the following exercises

Push up
Sit up
Handstand Push up (sub=hold yourself static in the Handstand position for 20 seconds/rest 10 seconds)

Your score is the lowest number of reps in any given round on each exercise. Add that number for all exercises for a total.

Post score to comments.


Dubbs said...

JWhips...I'm going at 0900 tomorrow.

JWM said...

Squats: 15
Push-Ups: 10
Sit-Ups: 10
HSPUs: 4 (with bands after one set)
Burpees: 4
Total: 43
Ouch...10 days off hurt coming back!

JWhips said...

Ouch is right. Major THS this morning. Going later in the morning, no breakfast, and missing the group makes a HUGE difference.

Squats: 18 :(
Push-ups: 12
Sit-ups: 12
HSPU: Static hold (15 seconds)
Burpee: 4
Total: 46 with static hold.

I'll be at Arvin 0800 tomorrow for those that can make it.

Anonymous said...

Did The Chief this morning: 5-4-4-4-4; total of 21 rds. Lots of weakness this morning. Definitely agree with JWhips on all the above.

Dubbs said...

Squats - 16
Push-ups - 8
Sit-ups - 11
HSPU - 2
Burpees - 5

Total - 42

SB said...

Ran for about 28mins. Will try to check out local affiliate tomorrow

Chris said...

Squats: 15
Pushups: 12
Situps: 12
HSPU: Some static holds
Burpees: 4

Total: 43 with static hold

Hurt, but better than being sick like all of last week.

SM said...

Squats: 15
Push-Ups: 10
HSPU: Static Hold
Burpees: 4

Total: 40

Tex said...

Squats: 16
Push-ups: 12
Sit-ups: 10
HSPU: 1 (last three rounds were static hold)
Burpees: 7

Total: 46

Used the tabata-this timer from:

Jimmy said...

squat: 12
pu: 8 (3 in. incline)
su: 12
HSPU: Static: 2 min covered the first four, then 20 second intervals for the last four.
Burpees: 5

Total: 37

Sodak said...

Squat: 16
Push up: 12 (on knees lift hand thing)
Sit up: 17
HSPU: 5 on first then static the rest
Burpee: 7
Total: 57

Tryin to show off for all the high schoolers.. yeah im cool.

AJ said...

Squats: 18
Push-Ups: 9
Sit-Ups: 11
HSPU: Static Hold
Burpees: 5

Total: 43

NM said...

Squats: 17
Push-ups: 16
Sit-ups: 15
HSPUs: did 3-4 the first couple sets, then FAIL...static from there on out, so...0
Burpees: 6
Total: 54

Ninja-like effort by Sodak...that's pretty sick.

And yep, definitely missing the group...