Saturday 12/19/09 - Sunday 12/20/09

Rest Days.

Enjoy your time away, but make sure you check in next week for more WODs. Two will be posted each day so you can choose the one that fits your availability of equipment. As long as you have access to a playgound, you'll be able to do one of the WODs.


Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Awesome first day of the Olympic Lifting Cert. Some good quality coaching. We spent the whole day learning how to snatch. At the end of the day we had a free lift with some coaching and I put up 170lb which is a PR by 15lbs! 5 more pounds for a body weight snatch.

Tex said...



~15 min

This was not super high intensity, just to get myself moving in the AM.

NM said...

Knocked out Friday's WOD...6:54. Gotta work on my knee alignment on the front squat portion of the squat's still whack.