Monday 12/14/09

Lumberjack 20

20 x deadlift (275lb) / gym loop
20 x kettle bell swings (70lb) / gym loop
20 x overhead squats (115lb) / gym loop
20 x burpees / gym loop
20 x pull-ups (C2B) / gym loop
20 x box jumps (24") / gym loop
20 x DB squat cleans (45lb each) / gym loop

This WOD is in honor of the Soldiers killed at Ft. Hood on 5 November. Give it your all, and do it right. Scale appropriately. This should be a struggle, not necessarily a race. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Honor the members of Lumberjack CrossFit with your effort.


Body(InProgress)ByBGCF said...
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Gregg said...

36:25, awful, felt so slow today

Body(InProgress)ByBGCF said...

26 min
DL- 175
KB- 35
OHS- 65
DBC- 25 each

AJ said...


175lb deadlift
53lb kettle bell
95lb OHS
95lb barbell squat cleans

SM said...


DL-275 lb
KBS-70 lb
OHS-85 lb
BBSC-95 lb

Good workout. Thanks to MAJ Mayo for keeping me honest on my last gym loop.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

DL- 275
KB- 70
OHS- 65
SC- 95

Wow what a smoker. The post sprint to formation was an added bonus.

Good Luck with TEEs y'all.

Mark R said...

DL - 115
KBS - 53
OHS - 8x95, 7x65
Hang Power Cleans - 95

JWhips said...

DL - 275
KBS - 70
OHS - 65 (still hurting when overhead)
Barbell SC - 95

Tough WOD. Great work by everyone this morning. Way to push yourselves. Zach, you're an animal!!!

For those of you that missed, make sure you do this WOD sometime this week. We owe it to those that have gone before us to honor them with our efforts.

Good luck on TEEs this week. Get the WODs in when you can. They make for a nice study break.

Anonymous said...

26:50. First 10 squat cleans w/ 115 lb bar, all others as Rx'd.

That was a beast, but definitely worth it.

NM said...


DL- 275
KBS- 70
OHS- 95
DBSC- 45 each

Get after some guys got it.

Go Lumberjacks...

MikeRothen said...

That was rough.
DL - 275lb
KBS - 70lb
OHS - Subbed front squats at 115 because of a torn labrum in my shoulder. Looking at getting surgery in January, meaning about 6 months of recovery :/
DBC - 60lbs

Tex said...

30:30 as rx'd except:

55lbs DBSC for first 8 then 115lbs BBSC for final 12. I burned way too much time on the cleans. I should have been in the 26min range. Great WOD. There are two great videos on the Main Site about this WOD.

Jimmy said...

Week 5 of Vffs
DL-135 (focus on form, big goat for me)
KB- 55#
OHS- 95#
DBSC- 35#

Sam said...


275# DL
70# KBS
95# OHS
45# (each) DBSC

Couldn't pass this WOD up so I got it done at Kimsey over lunch. Hope everyone is doing well.

SB said...

DL- 165
KB- 53
OHS- 65
CTB PUs- did 10x MUs instead
cleans-10x30lb DB/10x 65lbs barbell

Dubbs said...

34:47 as RX'd

LDO said...

43 minutes.
Great WOD.
225# for DL
70# for KBS
95# for OHS
45# for DBS

Used 400m on the treadmill for the run.