Tuesday 12/29/09


5 rounds of:
400m run
10 x hand stand push-ups

WOD #2

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
7 x overhead squats (115#/75#)
7 x L-Pull ups

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NM said...

8 rounds + 7 OHS + 1 L-PU
(scaled OHS to 95#)

I wanted this one to be over from the start...I was suckin. Thanks to J Whips and JJ for the motivation to finish. The best part about it was I think I managed to work out all the Red Bull, cheap gas station cappuccino, M&M's, Peach Rings, Hershey's Kisses, and donuts w/milk I consumed on our drive back from Nashville yesterday. Feel much better now...

Lookin' forward to seeing everyone back next Monday...

Jimmy said...

did a 20 min AMRAP that included both WODs. 4 rounds and about 50 meters of the run
- used 25# DBs b/c I suck at OHS.

MikeRothen said...

Did the 5K today, only got 15:00 on my watch, so either my watch battery is going dead or mapmyrun.com isnt as accurate as I thought it was.

Got a chance to check out the closest affiliate to me yesterday, about 30 minutes away (Crossfit Cape Cod) They were generous to let me do a free workout in their place. They also knew of Black & Gold from the videos in the Crossfit Journal.
Did a 20 minute AMRAP
15 double unders
15 65lb SDHP
15 abmat situps
I got 8 rounds plus a few reps.
Definately worth the trip if youre ever on the cape.

JWhips said...

WOD#2: 11 rounds scaled

Still weak in the shoulder so I used 65lb on the OHS. Should have used 75 or 80 though. Also, my "L" pull-ups looked more like "\". Especially at the end.

Nice to have NM and JJ back and I'm looking forward to the big group on Monday.

Tex said...

WOD #1
Did 10x 80lbs Sand-Bag Power Cleans as a sub for the 400m runs.


Later we went tobagganing and I got the honor of carring the 60lb sled up the 1/4 mile hill. Thanks, Cross-Fit...

C V said...
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C V said...

Cool post by Rob Wolf on Mess Hall food, MREs, and eating during training on robbwolf.com. It starts around 57:00 in the podcast.

Here's a link to the article he talks about. A little long, but interesting.

Sodak said...

Haters beware.

There are haters out there who do NOT like to workout. I say again do NOT like to workout. I knooow. Gross. When handling these Haters please use extreme caution. These Haters will try to convince you that it would be more fun to go to the movies, or go out to eat... or worse! Do both, instead of working out. Now it is acceptable if you have already worked out, but it is the common goal of the Hater to make you not workout, because somehow this makes them feel better about themselves.
But lucky for us, we know the truth, and we know that Haters are nothing more than people who are jealous that they do not have the self motivation to improve themselves.
Also lucky for us we have people who keep us accountable to ourselves, the group and our workouts... So Thank you, for not being Haters and always striving for self improvement.

Didnt make it to the gym today

20 min AMRAP
5 x Front squat (75)
10 x Push up
15 x DU

result: 14 rounds even.

Stroh's Lite said...

WOD #2 as RX'd: 8 Rds + 3 OSQ
I was glad to put in generally good form at 115#OHS straight through each time, but I'm not sure if I do the "L Pull ups" correclty...
I started with solid dead arm hang (no kipping) pull ups holding a pike position through the entire motion upwards(like in gymnastics)... towards the end though, it was more like: do the kipping pull up, hold at the top then bring the legs into the pike, then fall off the bar crying like a baby.

Also had a 30 ft walk/jog btwn the barbell pad and the pull up bar, but I wasn't complaining.