Tuesday 12/22/09

WOD #1 for no gym:
For time:
25 x burpees
50 x push ups
50 x sit ups
25 x burpees


WOD #2 if you can get to a gym:
For time:
10,9,8,...1 rep rounds of:
pull ups (C2B)
kettlebell swing (53#/35#)
double under

Post WOD and time to comments.


NM said...

WOD #2- 9:35

JWhips said...

WOD#2: 7:10

That was a forearm smoker. An hour later and my grip is still weak.

Dubbs said...

WOD #2 - 9:32

Chris said...

At home version because I'm taking care of my daughter. 5:45. No foot support on s/u. See you all tomorrow.

JWM said...

WOD #2: 9:10

Humbled by JWhips...again...

Sodak said...

dont worry. I'll be back with a time for WOD number 2 unless its bad... then i'll just wait until tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

WOD #2 - 8:48. And now off for a 5 hour drive, and then 6 days fortifing myself with christmas cookies, egg nog, and fruit cake. Mmmm...

SB said...

Wod#1: 6:41

Sodak said...

WOD 2 8:52

followed up by 6x200s under 30 bout 4 minutes inbetween (speed day)

MikeRothen said...

WOD #1 - 7:00
Havnt gotten the chance to post for the past few days.

Yesterday's WOD:
static hold

Also took a sandbag for a walk the other day. I did 1 hour of walking on varying gradients through varying levels of snow from 2 inches to two feet with a 30lb sandbag. Just carried it over my shoulder, switching every few hundred meters. It was a different but good workout. I got the idea from one of the competitors in the crossfit games, he has some good ideas. His blog is here:

AJ said...

WOD #1 - 5:49

Jimmy said...

WOD 2: 13.34. That was high intensity. Spent a lot of time running to and fro the pull up bar. HR peaked at 179 tho.
finished with a 5km (vffs)

Stroh's Lite said...

11:15 with a huge emphasis on consectutive double unders (ie: if I couldn't do 9 or 8 or whatever straight through, I started over... ) humiliating!!! I did a lot of extra DU's...

Also, my wife Andrea's inaugural CF WOD... she rocked out a 14:30 using bands for PU's, all else as rx'd. Never even seen a KB before today.

Great WOD.

Tex said...

WOD #1 : 6:32