Friday 12/11/09

Beat Your Goat

As the Army team prepares to battle their goat for 60 minutes on Saturday, you will do battle with your own goat.

WOD: work on your number one goat for 60 minutes.

If we can defeat our goats in 60 minutes, hopefully the Army will be able to rally on Saturday and beat their goat.

For some different drills on your goat, search for it here and learn. Good luck.

Post goat, drills worked on, and progress to comments.


NM said...

Made up Helen from Tuesday (7:45) and then worked on OHS for awhile. Thanks to those who made it very clear that OHS was one of my goats! No big the accountability.

Have a great weekend! BEAT 'EM...

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Worked on Dead Lift. Worked up to 305, then dropped down and did 10 reps of 275. 1 on every minute for 10 minutes. Felt good.

Finished with a little snatch work. Good day to work on skills and drills.

BEAT navy!

SB said...

Did tabata squats in hotel room. Have a good feeling about tomorrow. Beat navy!

Dubbs said...

I'm terrible with anything on rings, so did the main site workout.

Shoulders are smoked.

Jimmy said...

Uber goats: Deadlifts and Muscle-ups
DL: 21-105#/15-135#/9-185#/6-205#/3-225#
Suedo-MUs: Raised the rings to about 2 inches above my head, using a slight jump to get up I MUs in the same # of rounds and repetition. Was not able to sustain a full MU until my set of 9.
Finished with a mile run in VFFs.

Tex said...

Also did the main site WOD:
5 RFT (focus on form)
7x front lever negatives
15x ring push-ups


Then I spent ~20 minutes working doubleunders . I focused on not donkey-kicking and on the motion coming from my wrist. Still not much success with chaining multiple reps's coming.