Christmas Day 12/25/09


This would be a day that your unit would ZONK morning PT. That being said, enjoy your Christmas and take an extra day off. For those of you that have being doing the WODs on your own this week, you deserve the extra day. Sleep in and have a very Merry Christmas.

For those that really, really want to do something, here you go:
as many Squats as possible in 5 minutes.

Post Christmas stories, and/or reps to comments.


Chris said...

JWhips - I might be out of commission for a while - bizzaro lower back muscle pull yesterday, not sure what happened, but this is not a fast moving Christmas at the moment

Jimmy said...

Didn't do a damn thing today. Am having an amazing Christmas with the family and wish everyone the same joy.

Sodak said...

I shoveled a path to the hot tub.. does that count for anything? I even did it in shorts and running shoes to make it feel more like a work out. It took me 10 minutes and 34 seconds...
Jwhips! Get better. Fast.

Merry Christmas!!

Daniel said...

Merry Christmas all! I completely fell off of the Zone wagon today. It was awesome!!! Ready to do some make up work tomorrow and Sunday. See ya'll after the break.