Thursday 12/10/09

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

6 x box jumps (36" / 24")
8 x sumo deadlift high pull (95lb / 55lb)
10 x ring dip

Post rounds to comments.


AJ said...

7 rounds + box jumps, SDHPs, and 5 ring dips. Used 36" box and 95lbs.

Body(InProgress)....more like Fatty(InProgress). Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't remember seeing you this morning.

MikeRothen said...

11 rounds and a box jump

used 30" box jump, 95lb SDHP

Humbled yet again by Crossfit.

Gregg said...

8 rounds, had a little THS today
36" and 95 lbs

SM said...

9 rds + box jumps, SDHPs and 14 ring dips (w/ MAJ Whipple's assistance on the last couple). 36" box jump and 95 lb SDHP.

Also, this is the first morning in a while that my back hasn't hurt after the SDHP's.

To reiterate what Alex said above, missed seeing Josh in there this morning. I'm sure he had a good excuse.

JWhips said...

As Rx'd:
11 +2 box jumps

Tough one this morning.
Sorry Gregg :) I guess it's old man strength.

Anonymous said...

12 rds +4 box jumps. Respect the 36 inches.

SB said...

8 rnds (used just 24 inches...hip still bothering me) 85lbs on SDHP

NM said...

As rx'd...12 rds + box jumps + 1 SDLHP

Great push, JJ...

Jimmy said...

8 + 5 box jumps
could only find a 24" box though

reached 2 miles Vffs

Mark R said...

7 rounds plus box jumps. Guess my technique on SDHP's needs some work as my back was killing me through the whole thing.

Zach - 14 ring dips?

JWM said...

9 rounds + 1 box jump (started to use a band assist on ring dips during 3rd round)

The extra 12" on the box jumps added to my THS today

LDO said...

9 rounds + box jumps, SDHP, and 5 ring dips. However, I didn't pay attention and used the 24" instead of 36" height for box jumps.

Sodak said...

13 6 box jumps 8 SDHP and 5 dips

diggin the blue bands... sorry for missing all this week, it was rough.

going to beat some squids! Laterz

Hauck out