Monday 12/28/09


Run 5K for time.


For time:
row for 50 calories
50 x double unders
row for 35 calories
35 x double unders
row for 20 calories
20 x double unders

Post time to comments.


JWhips said...
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JWhips said...

WOD #2: 8:15

Me + rowing = rough time.

Jimmy said...

WOD 2: 14:02
Ran 4 mi (vffs) last night

AJ said...

Was hoping WOD #1 would be an inside workout because its 25 degrees here in IL. Too bad.

Somewhere between 19 and 21 minutes. didn't actually time it.

Tex said...

WOD #2 Subbed 1 tuck jump and 1/2 pushup for each du. 11:04