Friday 12/18/09

For time:

50 x double unders
30 x squat clean (135#/95#)
50 x double unders

Post time to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Tuck Jumps and 95 lbs


I hope everyone enjoys the break!!!

My goal is to get DUs over break

SM said...

10:29 w/ 125 lbs

Tried to DUs with a single in between each. It was probably pretty comical after I had finished my cleans and kept smacking myself with the rope.

Mark R said...

7:14 - 95# hang power cleans

Happy holidays everyone!! Have a great break.

MikeRothen said...

7:42 w/ 95#,
However I only did sets of 30 double unders instead of 30. It happens. I am getting better at them though

Dubbs said...

9:21 as RX'd

JWhips said...

6:40 as Rx'd

A nice little way to end the week and start Christmas break. I hope everyone has a great time away from USMA.

I'll be putting up 2 WODs each day over break, one for a gym and one without. Your choice.

For those of you sticking around, I'll be at Arvin at 0800 for my daily dose. I hope to see you there.

Dubbs, where have you been? Please come back to us :)

Mac said...

8:05 as Rx'd. Getting better at the DUs.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

As Rx'd: 7:23.

JWhip...can you say wheelhouse for you!? Seriously...we all get're good at double unders. Thank you for making us better. For Christmas, I want double unders that beat JWhip.

LDO said...

Did the following this week:

MON (rest), TUE (and start of leave) - Lumberjack 20. WED rest as I was still recovering from the Lumberjack WOD. THUR HSPU/KtE, FRI: squats.

thanks to the West Point CF group for keeping me focused.

Jimmy said...

- 115# for cleans

Jimmy said...

LDO- those "rest" WODs must be smokers. So many in one week! That seems like a S3/XO pt schedule or something...

Tex said...

Did the max weight back squat WOD from tuesday:

5x 185,205,215
3x 225,235,245 (3 rep PR)