Thursday 12/24/09

12 Days of CrossFit:
Think of the the 12 Days of Christmas song as you do this. Day 1, then day 2 + day 1, .... day 12 + day 11 + day 10 ... day 1. Each day is the number of reps of that particular exercise. There are 2 versions below. One if you don't have a gym and another if you have the equipment. This should be a fun one. Try to do this with a partner. Enjoy.

#1. body weight version:
Day 1: 100m sprint
Day 2: hand stand push up
Day 3: flutterkick (4 count)
Day 4: tuck jump
Day 5: push-up
Day 6: squat
Day 7: sit-up
Day 8: mountain climber (4 count)
Day 9: walking lunges (each leg)
Day 10: burpees
Day 11: box jump (24" or whatever you can find to jump onto)
Day 12: pistols (6 per leg)

#2. If you can get to a gym:
Day 1: 100m sprint
Day 2: sumo deadlift high pull (95lb/65lb)
Day 3: thruster (95lb/65lb)
Day 4: pull-ups
Day 5: burpees
Day 6: box jumps (24")
Day 7: push-ups
Day 8: kettle bell swings (53lb/35lb)
Day 9: wall ball shots (20lb / 12lb)
Day 10: sit-ups (abmat or unanchored)
Day 11: knees to elbows
Day 12: double-unders

Post the version, your time, and what you though of this WOD.


Dubbs said...

WOD #2 - 28:14

Good to work out with everybody this morning. Merry Christmas.

Sodak said...

some of you have wives who get mad when you work out all the time... i have an angry Mother.

saved by Dad
post the time later.

JWM said...

WOD #2 - 30:40

Ouch...That was a humbling suck-fest. Thanks JWhips...

JWhips said...

WOD #2- 27:06

What a nice way to celebrate Christmas. Thanks to Dubbs, Jake and sister in-law, and Rhett for sharing the fun this morning. It makes such a difference when others are around.

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas tomorrow.

NM said...

WOD #2- 29:14

Well, once my Rock Math brain finally figured out how to do this one, it was really cool. WOD kinda as rx' included side-stepping those talking/reading magazines (I mean working out) at the Globo Gym...I wore my B&G CF t-shirt in an effort to convert a few...think I scared them more than anything else. Once again, me and my brother-in-law were sweating more than the rest of the gym combined. Oh yeah, back to the WOD…med ball was not quite 20# either so I cheated on that. Anyways, lots of fun...wish we could have all done it together. Love the chatter on the blog this week...almost like I was back in Arvin (DB/B&G CF Ancient...give us a shout!). At this point, I have more than taken up my fair share of space and bored you to death. But, to all the B&G CF Ninjas out there, Merry Christmas...

Jimmy said...

28.59. Terrific WOD (#2). scale to 85# for SDL/Thrustr.
And to think I was planning on counting back down...scratched that idea half-way through. I was just thankful enought that I finished that last round.
avg hr: 174 (much higher than normal)
-added 2.4 mile run (vffs) at the end.

Happy Holidays to all.

SB said...

Ran again today for about 20mins. Trying to use this break as recovery.nice and warm down here in louisiana. Merry xmas all!

Sodak said...

So being blonde i feel obligated every now and then to fufill the sterotype...
After our 6x50 meter sprints
I did the 12 days of Christmas straight through.. realized I must have done something way wrong... way to easy, so I thought maybe I was supposed to do 12 rounds of all 12 exercises.. so after 3 rounds and 15min and 33 painful seconds I lost all motivation and was saved by an angry phone call from my Mother.
so if you did 3 rounds of the whole thing.. then you did it wrong too, but my time for that was 15:33. hm. dont judge.

Merry Christmas (Eve!)

SM said...

WOD #2- 25:59

Used 35 lb KB and estimated 100m.

Made a medicine ball from an old basketball, concrete mix, rags from my garage, and duct tape.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Tex said...

Had to sub 1x 205lbs DL for the run I dragged an old high-school friend through this one, so I had to assist him on the HSPU. That probably killed about a minute.