Friday, 13 JULY 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!  We will do a blast from the past in order to see if you've made any gains in the past several months.  If you are a newcomer, be sure to post your results because we will revisit this one a few times a year.

We will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and get after it.  After the WOD I plan to go swimming, so bring your bathing suit and gear if you want to do some lap swimming.

Max reps until dropping off the bar
Strict pull-ups
Rest 3 minutes
Strict chin-ups
Rest 3 minutes
Strict mixed grip 
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat the sequence as above, but now only rest 1 min. between each set.

NOTE:  Scale to kipping pull-ups or jumping pull-ups if needed.

Compare to: 19 Sept 2011
Compare to: 20 April 2012

Post number of reps per event to comments.


Adam said...

man, I thought I did better today, but exact same total as last time!

14-10-8-7-5-4 = 48 reps

My goal for next time is 50+ reps

Adam said...

oh yeah and then I swam 500 yards in 12:26. I tried to make it as close to a real swim and didn't push off the walls or hang on the side to rest at all.

Matt said...


I finally got around to posting yesterday's WOD.

I like this one, and I have been able to improve each time.

This time: 30-12-14-14-8-8=86

Two times ago: 25-15-12-12-6-6=76
Last time: 26-16-13-11-7-7=80

Mickey said...

Company PT this morning.

5 rounds of 60/120 sprint intervals
2 rounds of 90/120 sprint intervals

Got a blister on my hand from pullups earlier this week, which was torn off yesterday during the climbing drill, so i'm going to lay off the pullups for a few days to let it stop burning.

Mickey said...


for anybody that doesn't have ESPN3 at home, you can stream the CF games at:

The Jumptoc said...

47...hoping to break 50 in the future. (I also had a refreshing swim with Adam after)