Wednesday, 1 AUGUST 2012

Bring your jump rope and get ready for a fun one!

3 rounds for time
50 x double-unders (sub 3:1 single-unders or 1:1 tuck jumps)
40 x air squats
30 x push-ups
20 x wall ball shots (20/14)
10 x knees to elbows

Post time to comments.


Joe W said...

My old nemesis...wall balls.
14:36 rx.

Matt Radik said...
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Matt said...

Great WOD this morning.

As Rx'd: 14:10

After I went for a 1 rep max on deadlift and had an all time PR of 375. I beat my old PR by a pound and I weigh 15-20lbs less.

Adam said...

sorry to have missed this morning, one leave and my son was up from 0200 - 0300, so I hit snooze this morning. I did make it up at Dragon Park with a 21 lbs. medicine ball to about a 11 foot target. I had to run about 75 meters between wall balls and the KTEs, so I'm sure that explains my less than stellar time!


I will be out the next 2 days in PA, so have fun without me!

Mack said...

Did tuck jumps. 12:13

jswobe said...


(** had a few issues w/ "spouse" interruptions...)