Monday, 2 JULY 2012

Today is R-day for the Class of 2016!  Best of luck to all the cadet candidates and new cadets as they enter Beast Barracks!  I'm excited to meet some of our new hard-charging cadets once the summer is over with, I've been in touch with several members of the Class of '16 and they are a fired up bunch!

We will meet in the '62 room, warm-up for a bit, and then go to Hayes Gym to get after it.

1 x rope climb (15')
12 x burpees
24 x sit-ups

Post number of rounds and partial rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

It was great to see PJ and LTC W. there this morning. I continue to hate burpees with a passion! 12 felt like 50!

5 rounds + 1 rope climb

Joe W said...

6 rds rx. Adam, good job on strict MUs and for the "elbows in" tip to help me too!

The Jumptoc said...

4 rounds of pre-R Day goodness!

jswobe said...

Mod'd slightly to:

1 weird tree climb (similar to some "American Ninja Warrior" stuff!)
12 burpees
24 situps

5 rounds + tree climb + 7 burpees