Friday, 20 JULY 2012

Today is a strength-focused WOD.  Come on out and build the base for future excellence!  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on proper form!

Shoulder Press

rest 2 minutes and then

Push press

Post loads to comments.


Adam said...

I'm a bad CrossFitter...I left my book in my car, so here is my best guess for today. Thanks to Sam, PJ, and Matt for showing up...I started off all alone and was thankful for others to show up!

SP: 95-105-110-115-120
PP: 115-120-125-130-135

Joe W said...

Sorry to leave you hanging, but I need the rest day after 3-4 hard days! Delayed Muscle Soreness taking a toll.

Mickey said...

No weights so I did 5 rounds of max reps, unbroken w/ good form of:
strict hspu: 10/7/6/7/10
ring pushups: 21/18/16/21/20

jswobe said...

SP: 75 to 115
PP: 115 to 135