Wednesday, 11 JULY 2012

This is an oldie, but goodie - an old school CrossFit WOD from the early days of CF!

Nasty Girls
3 rounds for time of:
50 x air squats [to get that old school feel, use a medicine ball]
7 x muscle-ups [scale: jumping muscle-ups or 3:1 pull-ups/ring dips]
10 x hang power cleans (135/95)

NOTE:  This WOD originally appeared in December 2005 (
NOTE2: Check out the classic video -
NOTE3:  I met Annie S. at my Level 1 cert, she is still a beast!

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Joe W said...

21 mins 4 secs | Rx'd. Hanging Power Cleans smoked me. Thanks Matt for the chalk and all for the motivation. Did this one last April in 28:28, over a 7 minute drop in a year!

Apr 13, 2011

28 mins 28 secs | Rx'd

Adam said...

17:26 with jumping muscle-ups and I scaled to 115# after the first round.

Great work by Matt and LTC W getting after it! HPC killed me and my form is garbage. I appreciate the coaching from Matt, unfortunately I'm not able to integrate what I know I need to do with what I actually do while under load!

Great to see a big crew there this morning!

Mickey said...

6.5 mile ruck this morning out to a range.

Got back around 1700 and hit yesterday's wod before dinner.


Judging from other people's times I'm guessing my 100 feet was a little shorter than the 100 feet you all used. Either way, great wod.

Matt Radik said...
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Matt said...


I'm getting this one posted late. Great WOD and great group today.

As Rx'd: 14:48

The Jumptoc said...

Not as Rx'd at 22:48...