Tuesday, 31 JULY 2012

This morning we will link up at Shea Stadium at 0540.  If the weather is crazy nasty, then alternate location is the '62 room, but barring serious rain and lightning, I will see you at the track!  If you need a ride, shoot me an email at blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com and I will pick you up.

Run 400 meters (1 lap)
7 x pull-ups [the bars are a bit off the track, but oh well]

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

great to see Joe and Matt there this morning. It sure was muggy, but otherwise a great morning to be outside.

6 rounds + 75 meters

Mickey said...

5x jumping muscle up
50x air squat


jswobe said...

guessed the 400m distance

5 rounds