Monday, 30 JULY 2012

Welcome back from the weekend.  Today's WOD is a bit different, but should be a good challenge!

Let's start with some overhead squat work and then you will use your final weight on the last set of the OHS as your load for the cleans.

Overhead squat - 12-10-8

then keeping the same load on the bar, let's knock out:

Clean (full 'squat' clean - hips below parallel!!)

Post load and number of reps complete to comments.


Joe W said...

OHS: 45, 65, 75

AMRAP SQT Cleans: 45 @75#

As I heard some in yell this morning:
Happy Monday! Have a great week!

Adam said...

OHS: 95-100-105

Cleans: 18 @ 105

I greatly underestimated this one! I was guessing between 30 - 40 reps and I didn't even hit 20!!!

Mickey said...

30 minutes of yoga.. constantly varied I guess. Gonna try to get in another workout later today

Matt said...


A late post from me.

OHS: 115-125-135
Cleans: 17@135

jswobe said...

OHS: 115-125-135

Cleans: 22 @ 135#

Good WOD...