Friday, 27 JULY 2012

Today you have the option of doing the run back with the Yearlings as they return from Buckner.  I'm not sure of the details yet, but typically you meet at Buckner at 0530 in the morning in IPFU with a reflective belt and you Airborne shuffle down 293 back to West Point.  It's slightly downhill the whole time and it isn't a tough run, other than being 7 miles long.

If you aren't in shape yet for a long distance run or if you can't make the trip to Buckner because of time constraints.  Meet up in the '62 room at 0530 and we will do an alternate WOD.  Bring your swimsuit and a towel as we will swim at the end of the WOD.

WOD Option A:  Buckner Run Back
WOD Option B:  Bike 10 miles for time, rest , and then swim 20 lengths of the pool (500 meters) for time.

Post activity and time to comments.


Sam Linn said...

Meeting in Clinton lot at 0455 for anyone who wants to carpool out to Buckner...SP at 0500 from Clinton, all are welcome!

Adam said...

Glad to see a bunch of folks after the run today...I missed you all in the gym as it was torturous to ride the bike alone!

Bike 10 miles: 24:30
Swim 500 meters: 11:57

Mickey said...

Yesterday was busy, so i made up the workout today instead.

I call it the segmented 10K. Absolutely miserable.

100m sprint, then 200, 300, 400...up to 1000m, then worked back down to 100m.

Rest to work ratio was never more than 1:1

took me 1:20:22

performed it while rocking my B&G CF shirt and vibram five fingers.

Mickey said...


It adds up to 10,000m total, hence the segmented 10K name

10k=6.25 miles.

Mix of pavement and grass running.

Adam said...

mickey, sounds like an awesome workout! Keep up the good work!

jswobe said...

Short on time, so shortened it a little:

7.5 miles on bike -- 18:58

300 m swim -- 15 mins (swimming kills me...)