Thursday, 12 JULY 2012

I saw this hero WOD on the mainsite and knew we had to do it!

We will meet up in the '62 room to warm-up and then move to the 3rd floor weight room for the WOD (they have more dumb bells).

TUMILSON - posted 4 JULY 2012 on the mainsite

8 rounds for time:
Run 200 meters
11 x burpee dumbbell deadlifts (60/40 lbs. dumbbells)

NOTE:  Check out of the video for how to do the burpee dumb bell DLs -
NOTE2:  Do not kill your back doing the BDDLs - maintain your lumbar curve and scale loads according to your ability!
NOTE3:  Run route - leave from the front of the 3rd floor weight room, run towards Stairway to Heaven (make a left at the intersection, rock wall will be on your right), run to the end of the building, touch the wall and return to the start point.  I paced it out, it should be close to 200 meters.


Mickey said...

MAJ Grim -

Any suggestions on substitutions for burpee deadlifts? The gym here keeps flooding so I do not have access to weights.

CDT Koss

Adam said...


Do you have access to any weighted objects like sandbags, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc.? If so, then do a burpee and a front squat with whatever heavy object you can find.

Best of luck and I'm glad to see you are keeping after it!

Mickey said...

Thanks sir,

I'll see what i can do.

Adam said...

wow, I once again underestimated this one! One of these days I will learn that these things are tough!!! Great to see a small but mighty crew there this morning!

22:31 as rx'd with fastest round of 2:12 (1st rd) and slowest at 3:07 (6th rd).


ErinM said...


Scaled down to 30 lb dumbbells (instead of 40).


Mickey said...

couldn't find anything heavy so I did a burpee-squat jump thing that I made up out there to make sure I got the legs smoked too like the burpee deadlifts.


almost lost my dinner out there.

Matt said...


A day late post on this one. Great WOD.

As Rx'd: 19:25

Mark Stewart said...

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jswobe said...

Wow. didn't expect this to be that hard. Humbled again...


w/ 50-lb DBs (hotel gym...heaviest on hand...)