Tuesday, 3 JULY 2012

Today will be a fun one.  You can thank me later.

4 rounds for time:
25 x wall ball shots (20/14)
Run Stairway to Heaven

Post time to comments.

PLEASE NOTE - WEDNESDAY'S WOD WILL BE HELD AT 0815 AT DRAGON PARK (BY STONY II).  Since it's the 4th of July, we will sleep in a bit and do a fun WOD.  Wear whatever you'd like (within reason!) and be sure to bring some water...it's going to be hot!  Bring your spouses, kids, etc. to cheer you on!  We will be done by 0900 and then a ladies group is doing their own WOD at Dragon Park.  Stick around and cheer them on as well.  If you want to bring some post-WOD chow to snack on, please feel free!   I will post the WOD on Tuesday night at 1800, so be sure to check it out!!


Adam said...

that one didn't fail to disappoint! The stairs were absolutely terrible! Great push by Josh H., LTC W. and PJ on a tough one!

12:55 as rx'd

The Jumptoc said...

15:17...stairs were terrible!

Mickey said...

Ab Mat Situps

Lost count after the long day with the privates. Nice quick smoker though after a 13 hour day.

Adam said...

nice work Mickey - glad you are keeping after it despite the long work hours!!

JC said...


jswobe said...

Subbed 4 sprints up my backyard hill for the STH.

13:05 (or maybe 13:15...I forgot...)