Thursday, 19 JULY 2012

Today's WOD comes from the mainsite from 10 July.  Knock it out and then compare your time with that of others across the world who did the same WOD!  Wear your cheap shoes so you don't tear up your good ones on the rope climbs!

For time:
100 x air squats
4 x rope climbs (15')
75 x air squats
3 x rope climbs (15')
50 x air squats
2 x rope climbs (15')
25 x air squats
1 x rope climb (15')

Compare to mainsite: 10 JULY 2012

Post time to comments.


Joe W said...

11:20 rx.
Forearms are officially worked out
Great morning WOD!

Adam said...

wow, that one was tough!!


Great work by the morning crew!

Mickey said...

No rope so I made up my own thing. Worked it as a chipper, so I didn't partition anything.

For time:
50x toes to bar (ring)
50x pushups
50x kte
50x pullup
50x ring dip

Everything was on the rings except pushups. I don't remember ring pullups being that bad. Hoping to get into the box soon. I miss heavy ohs

ErinM said...


I will be feeling that one tomorrow morning during the ability group run.

jswobe said...

11:54 (I think...)