Tuesday, 17 JULY 2012


5 rounds, untimed, max reps each round of:
Bench press (load = body weight)

NOTE:  Work with a spotter for this WOD.  Your rest between each round is equal to the amount of time it takes your partner to work.
NOTE2:  Each person will complete bench press before moving on to the pull-ups, and both will complete pull-ups prior to moving to the next round of bench press.
NOTE3:  Scale weight as needed.

Compare to similar WOD: 2 AUG 2011

Post number of reps per exercise per round to comments.


Joe W said...

10/25, 6/25, 7/25, 7/21, 7/27. Total: 37/123 for 160 reps at BW 144, load 145. rx.

This workout was just what the doctor rx'd, resting my sore glutes/hamstrings

Adam said...

sorry I was running a bit late this morning!

As rx'd @ 190 lbs.

Bench: 14-9-7-7-7 (44)
Pull-ups: 25-15-12-15-15 (82)

126 total

Thanks for PJ for sticking around afterwards to spot me!

The Jumptoc said...

77 total...not as Rx'd (135 bench). Lost my detailed notes! :(

Dairus B. said...

10/32, 8/30, 7/23, 7/21, 7/21 for a total of 166 reps, RXd at body weight of 210.