Friday, 6 JULY 2012

Mini-triathlon for time:

Run 1 mile
Bike 5 miles on stationary bike
Swim 10 lengths of the pool (250 meters)

Run route: Lincoln Hall Loop - from front of Arvin, run past Trophy Point, continue on sidewalk past Lincoln Hall, to the Officer's Club, make a right in front of the Library, past Patton Statue, across Diagonal Walk back to Arvin.

NOTE:  Your transition time counts, so change clothes quickly and get to the pool.  If there aren't any lanes available to swim, then stop your time and rest in place until a lane becomes available.
NOTE2:  Be safe and don't run around the pool. 

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

since the cardio room is closed for painting, we had to improvise a bit and ride the bikes from the 4th floor by the Stairway to heaven. Erin M and I started on the bikes and Josh and Katie C did the run. Erin's bike display didn't work, so she had to pace off of me.

28:21 overall for me

Swim was killer, bike was close 2nd. Run felt like a vacation!

ErinM said...


Only able to catch up on the swim.

That was fun - and the run was beautiful.

JC said...

That was fun, especially having the rare opportunity to partner with Katie.

Total: 25:34
Run: 6:20
Transition and Bike: 13:40
Transition and Swim: 5:34