Thursday, 29 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

Check out the main site ( today and watch the Iceland CrossFit Anywhere video - you will see someone proudly rocking a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt in Iceland!  Anyone know who that is???  AWESOME!!!!!!

For today's WOD - Strap on your reflective belt and come and report to the '62 room.

25 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)
Run 1 mile
10 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)

NOTE:  For Ground to Overhead the bar starts on the ground and you use whatever method you'd like to get it overhead with arms fully locked out - clean and jerk, snatch, squat clean and thruster, etc.
NOTE2:  The 1 mile route is from Arvin to Kozcuisko Monument and back.  Watch for traffic & wear your reflective belt!
NOTE3:  Scale weight as needed.  This workout should be challenging, but if you find yourself staring at the bar for extended periods of time, then drop some weight to maintain intensity.
Post time to comments.


Matt said...


As Rx'd using the treadmill: 13:07

I'm not sure if the treadmill sped me up or slowed me down.

Tex said...

As rx'd on treadmill: 11:57

njc said...

85# and treadmill


practicing cleans has really helped me become more efficient. Also, I hate treadmills!

Adam said...

13:27 (I think, forgot to write it down) as rx'd.

Form was a bit off so I used way too much effort to get the load overhead.

I hate treadmills - it took me about 20 seconds to figure out how to start it.

Matt said...


Good WOD. As Rx'd with Treadmill


jswobe said...



Subbed 2.5 miles on the bike for the run (foot is getting better...I think...)

I always like the ground-to-overhead WODs! 115 was challenging...awesome!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Wes97tpoint said...
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Daniel Blackmon said...

The guy in the video is Judah Boulet. He is a coach at CF Providence and a good friend of mine that I met, coached and competed with when I was at Navy ILE. Real good dude and great coach.

Adam said...

Thanks Dan! Nice work with FGB - that was an awesome news clip!

Adam said...

Either 13:27 or 13:57, I can't remember as rx'd.

I hate treadmills - it took me at least 20 seconds to figure out how to turn it on.

JC said...

Scaled to 85# and treadmill


Tex said...

11:57 as rx'd with treadmill. The site is giving me major issues with posting from work.