Tuesday, 20 September

Before you check out the WOD, check out this video - amazing & insane.

Nancy (with long legs)

5 rounds for time:

1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters; Nancy is only 400 meters)
15 x Overhead squats (Beginner = 45 lbs., Intermediate = 75 lbs., Advanced = 95 lbs.)

compare to 9 August 2011

Post time to comments.


Chris M said...

18:54 @45lbs.

Still working the correct form on the Overhead Squats. Good Wod.

Adam said...

I thought I beat my previous time this morning, but I was wrong - I was about a minute slower than last time, but I added 5 lbs.

19:56 w/ 80 lbs.

I still need to work on a faster turnover for OHS, I did almost all unbroken, but I have very slow pace.

jck said...

17:41 Form got better on OHS, now need to add weight.

Matt said...


As rx'd: 18:30

That was slower than last time. Stupid shoe lace and I think I sandbagged the run.

jswobe said...


I subbed 1000m on the bike for the run (same as I did in August...which means this foot has been plaguing me for longer than I would like to admit...)

My time was 90+ seconds faster than last time. I had a partner to push me and I think that helped.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

Sorry that I have been missing the morning crew, no excuses there.
19:18 w/225 lbs DL for OHS