Wednesday, September 28

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

As for today's WOD:

3 rounds for time (each person completes 3 rounds)

Partner WOD

Run gym loop (approximately 400 meters w/ 2 flights of stairs) (Person A)
10 x box jumps (24/20) (Person B)
10 x kettlebell swings (53/35) (Person B)

NOTE:  While Person A runs a gym loop, Person B completes as many rounds as possible of box jumps and KBS.  Once Person A returns, they pick up where Person B left off and they continue with as many round as possible until Person B returns.  After both people complete the gym loop, that is one round complete.  Repeat the sequence twice more.
NOTE2:  If running solo, simply time yourself on the run portion and use that time as your amount of time you have to do box jumps and KBS.

Post time and total number of rounds complete of box jumps and KBS complete to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

Casey and I did 9 rounds + 6 Box Jumps in 10:20.

Mack said...

Mike S. and I did 10 rounds in 10:06

Matt said...


Adam and I got 10 rounds exactly in 11:20. That was a fun partner WOD.

jswobe said...

I found a partner for this one!

We subbed rowing for the running, and naturally the monitor was not working on the rower, so we just set a timer to 1:35 and alternated between stations (row & KBS/BJ). All of those caveats gave us:

11.5 rounds (between us) in 9:45

That was would have been a lot more entertaining to run, or at least have the monitor working on the rower.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

Matt and I did 10 rounds and some change (he kept track) in 11:20 with weight as rx'd.

Great work by everyone - way to push!

jswobe - I'm glad you found someone to work out with, it's definitely more fun with another person.

Adam said...

(repost again...darn blogger keeps deleting my posts!)

Matt and I did 10 rounds (and some change) in 11:20.

We went as rx'd and it was a smoker, but the run really broke it up so it never got too hard.

Nice work by the morning crew!