Tuesday, 6 September

APFT CrossFit-style!

Let's meet at Shea Stadium at 0535 and get after it.

4 Rounds for Time:
30 x Push-ups (APFT Standard; all the way down and lock arms out at the top - don't cheat yourself!)
30 x Sit-up (APFT standard; anchor your feet)
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post time to comments (continuous clock; include rest as part of time - time stops after you complete the 4th x 800 meter run)


Adam said...

I just checked the weather and there is a 100% chance of rain at 0500 in the morning, which means that is about a 100% chance we are going to get wet. It should make it even more fun! See everyone out there!

njc said...

22:27 (feet un-anchored)

It's easier to push yourself when one of your plebes is on your tail and the other is burning you up ahead. Thanks to my two plebe guys, Aguilar and Curran, for showing up this morning for some fun.

JC said...

Nothing like CF in the rain to start your day!


Adam said...


Great to see everyone out there this morning! push-ups and sit-ups felt 'easy' compared to the wind-in-your-face run.

TC said...


Anonymous said...


My situps need some work.
I should have pushed myself more on the running.

Matt said...


22:54 of pure APFT suck. Good push by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Also, running spilts came out to 12:55. My APFT PR is 12:26.

Sweddy said...

The Math Dept crew ran this at noon in Hayes Gym. We ran 6 laps in place of 800m.

ErinM said...


Had to scale down to 15 push-ups per round (but my elbow doesn't hurt!).

It really helped to have other people to chase and chase me on the run.

jswobe said...

Subbed 800m rows for the runs (unfortunately, still nursing my foot...).

Plus, I screwed up with my watch and bumped the "STOP" button at 56 seconds. So, I have no idea how long it took.

But - it was a good cycle, time or no time.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

I made the mistake of sleeping in this morning because of the rain. When I finished the workout, I felt amazing! The rain felt so good.

MACKATK said...

done on morning of 9 SEP (no rain):