Friday, 16 September

Medicine ball clean and shoot (20/14) -  "Beat the clock"

1 x MBC&S in the 1st minute

2 x MBC&S in the 2nd minute

3 x MBC&S in the 3rd minute

Continue to add one more every minute until you can't complete all work in 1 minute.

Post number of rounds to comments.


njc said...

12 rds + 6

MikeRothenb said...

17 rounds + 10 MBCS

I heard back from FitComp. They had to cancel their event at West Point this year because the organizer was unexpectedly deployed. However, he is interested in doing a cadet-only event.
Is anyone interested in something like this?

Matt said...


13 rounds + 12

That got messy fast. Great job Mike.

Adam said...

11 rds + 11, just couldn't get that last one in! Weak sauce!

Great job to Mike "The Machine"!

Too bad about FitComp, I heard it was awesome last year. If you need my help to coach or judge a cadet-only event, let me know.

njc said...

Definitely interested, Mike

JC said...

I'll have to make this one up, looks like a good one.

I substituted ultimate football for today's WOD.

jswobe said...

15 rounds + 13

@MikeRothenb -- well done!

See you all next week...bring on the pain...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - you are coming to WP next week?? Awesome! Which days?

jck said...

14 + 12

jswobe said...

@Adam - alas, I am not coming to WP this week. I meant that I would talk to everyone via the tracker.

i'm working on it, though...