Friday, 30 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in today's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

5 Rounds For Time -

20 x Pull-Ups
30 x Push-ups
40 x Sit-ups (APFT Standard)
50 x Air Squats
Rest 3 minutes

NOTE:  If you have to depart before you complete, just complete as much as you can do before you have to punch out.


JC said...

Won't be able to make it in with the crew tomorrow morning. Definitely need to make this WOD up. Have fun!

njc said...

3 rounds

Mack said...

5 rounds

Adam said...

40:00 as rx'd with feet anchored.

Rd 1 = 4:03
Rd 2 = 4:34
Rd 3 = 6:17
Rd 4 = 6:33
Rd 5 = 6:32

Rd 1 and 2 unbroken, remaining rounds broken...very broken.

Great work by everyone!

jck said...

4 rounds

jswobe said...

5 rounds

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...


1st 2 rounds were 'easy' and then the wheels fell off after that. By the last 2 rounds I wasn't sure if I was going to finish in under 1 hour. Smoked!!!

Great work by everyone!

Matt said...


I'm finally getting a chance to post. And I'm using my home computer to it shouldn't disappear into cyberspace.

As Rx:

20:30 of work and 32:30 total

Anonymous said...

absolutely must make this WOD up
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