Thursday, 15 September

Partner IOCT repeats - AMRAP 15

Person #1 - runs IOCT (w/ modified 1/2 last lap to get to stairs)
Person #2 - rests

After Person #1 finishes, Person #2 runs IOCT, and Person #1 rests. Repeat for 15 minutes.

Note:  We will stagger starts by a few minutes to avoid stacking up at any station.  If there are a bunch of other folks in Hayes working on the IOCT, we will have to play well with others!

Post number of IOCTs complete by partners to comments.


jswobe said...

Damn the IOCT! As much as I do NOT miss running it, I wish I could be there for the WOD and enjoy the suck of it.

What's on tap for Friday (just the movements) so I can sub something today that doesn't mess me up for tomorrow's WOD?


Adam said...

jswobe, we miss you man and I feel badly every time I program a WP-specific WOD. tomorrow we will be doing med ball cleans and med ball shots.

come TDY and see us!

Dustin Bihm said...

Two for both of us.

Adam said...

Kelly and I ran 2 each. Not sure of split times, but my first one was just over 3 minutes, which means I got a D!

good work by everyone, especially those who had never done the IOCT before.

JC said...

Sean and I were able to squeeze out two each. I definitely held him back. It was great to do the IOCT for the first time.

MACKATK said...

Mike R. and I did 2 each with 38 sec remaining.

Great way to start the Day!

jswobe said...

@Adam -- do not feel bad. I take advantage of these days to train other things (as in what I subbed today!). As soon as I have the opportunity to make a TDY trip your way, I will be there!

So - instead of the IOCT:

Weighted pull-ups: 2-2-2-2-2


For Time:
L pull-ups 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Snatch (75#) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
**After every round, I did some martial art work (today was kung fu forms)


It was a good way to work on some movements I want to improve (but it was long!).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jswobe said...

wow...that post was long too...

sorry everybody!

Matt said...


Warren (our new recruit) and I did just under 4 total. He was on the batton straightaway when time expired.

jck said...

APFT Today. Increased run time by 40 seconds. Suggest we do more ab work though...

Adam said...

@ jck - we do ab work nearly every day! Overhead squats, front squats, cleans, GHD sit-ups, regular squats, any of the overhead presses... trust me, your core is getting quite a workout trying to keep midline stabilization. We don't do a lot of traditional 'ab exercises' like crunches, etc., but feel free to incorporate them during your warm-up, cool down, etc. Glad to hear your run time went down, nice work!