Friday, 9 September

Warm-up and then spend 30 minutes working on muscle-up progressions and technique. 

check out this great video on muscle-up progressions - Muscle Up Progression Video

Post your progress on muscle-ups to comments.


Adam said...

thanks to Matt and JJ for good coaching today.

Still working on my transition and getting my head through in a coordinated manner with a kip. Full muscle-up is still a ways off, but I feel that I'm getting closer!

njc said...

My biggest problems at this point are my grip, keeping my elbows tight to my body, and transitioning to the dip position without my elbows flying out.

Just when you think you're good at pull-ups and dips, someone throws a muscle-up at you and you are immediately humbled.

Thanks for the coaching and the techniques for practicing. This time next year is my goal.