Wednesday, 21 September

Team WOD:

In a team of 3 -

AMRAP 15 (Note - we scaled it back from 20 mins to 15 min based on time available and challenge of the workout):
Person #1 - Row 500 meters (or 45 strokes on a machine w/o display)
Person #2 - Deadlift (225/150) [max reps while on station]
Person #3 - Sit-ups (APFT standard, use something to anchor your feet) [max reps while on station]

The person rowing sets the rotation pace - once they are complete with 500 meters, they rotate to the next station and team members rotate to the next task.  The next team member rows 500 meters and then rotates.  Pretty simple concept, but tracking your team score may prove to be challenging - figure out a system for your team and then get after it. 

The goal is to complete the most work in the least amount of time (i.e. max power!). 

NOTE 1:  If you don't have 2 friends to work out with, then start with Rowing 500m, see how long it takes you, then use at as your rotation time for each station.
NOTE 2:  If we don't have the right number of folks to make full teams, then we will figure it out.
NOTE 3: If your team uses the rower in the '62 room, then you have to do walking lunges between stations in order to even out the time advantage you have over folks who go to the other room.
NOTE 4:  If all the rowing machines with digital output are in use, then sub with 45 strokes on the rowing machine without the display, it should be close.
NOTE 5: There are no more notes...less rules, more work!

Post total team reps and name of team members to comments.


njc said...

Mike, Justin, Nick

105 DL (I scaled to 185)
447 sit ups (I think)

Another note: the 500m row actually took me more like 55 pulls.

Fun one!

Adam said...

I forget what our total numbers were (88 DL and 265 sit-ups?) for our two man team, but regardless that was a smoker. I had to scale to 185# and the transition from sit-ups to rowing to deadlifts was tough.

Great to see a big crew out there this morning - especially some new faces who've made it a few days in a row! Keep up the fire!

jswobe said...
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jswobe said...


Some notes back at ya:

1. I didn't notice the change from 20 mins to 15 mins until now. We did 20.

2. I found one partner, so we muddled through it trying to use our rowing times as the pace setting and then using 2 mins when neither of us was rowing. (I think either doing it in a group of 3 or by yourself is the answer...2 didn't work well)

3. @njc: agreed - 500m took between 55 & 57 rows to complete

I only know what I did (my partner is just getting into CF and is only partially committed right now...I'm working on him!), so my total reps was approx 188. Our transitions were terrible, and I should have had two bars setup for the deadlift. Changing weights severly impacted the time component.

All that said, it was something different. Good WOD, I say!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD