Friday, 2 September

We will do the warm-up in the '62 room and then move upstairs to the 2nd Floor basketball courts.
This morning the early crew hit the WOD and did a few modifications based on how quickly we all got smoked and failed!


Sprint - Beat the Clock  - ROUND 1

Run 1 x baseline to baseline down and back the first minute (approximately 60 meters total)
Run 2 x baseline to baseline down and back the 2nd minute
Continue this sequence (adding an additional sprint each minute) until you can't finish all sprints in 1 minute

NOTE:  This will last 3 - 5 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness!



Run 1 x length of the court (only down - 30 meters) the first minute
Run 2 x lengths the 2nd minute
Run 3 x lengths the 3rd minute
Continue this sequence until you can't complete required runs in 1 minute.

NOTE:  This will last 6 - 9 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness.

Bonus round (if you aren't smoked already!) - 200 double-unders for time

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

1st Round of BTC (down and back = 1):
3 rounds complete + 1/2 round (I think)

2nd Round of BTC (one length = 1):
7 rounds complete + 5 lengths (I think)

Bonus round: 4:56 for 200 D/U

I kind of lost track on the partial rounds. It was a tough one and I quickly ran out of gas!

Great push by Sean, Erin, Matt, Nick, and others!!

njc said...

1st Round: 4 laps complete?

2nd round: 7 complete + 7 lengths

Sweddy said...

I ran this outside with an estimate of 30m.
First Round: 4 rounds + 4

Second Round: 7 rounds + 7

Extra Credit: 12-10-8: Burpees, Squats, with a 200m run in between rounds. 5:30

ErinM said...

Arvin gym lung!

1st round: 4 laps complete + not quite 4/5 of next round

2nd round: 8 lengths + not quite 7/9 of next round

jswobe said...

Round 1: 4 rounds complete
Round 2: 7 rounds complete (+7/8)

Instead of DUs, I started the workout w/ squats for weight, finishing w/ 275 x 1.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


1st Round: Adam, I think we got 4 rounds + some.

2nd Round: 8 rounds + 5 lengths