Monday, 16 May

Let's kick off Grad Week with a great start!  Start in Hayes Gym and get after it!

3 Rounds for Time:

9 x pull-ups
Bear crawl 30 meters (1st 1/2 length of Hayes Gym)
Walking lunges 30 meters (2nd 1/2 length of Hayes Gym)
Rope climb (15 feet)
Run 75 meters (1/2 lap on track to the stairs, down to start)

Post time to comments.


Tex said...

Don't expect many cadets there. We have a 0452 formation for drill!

SG said...

5:40...always good to start a week off with Hayes Gym lung!

Adam said...

6:01, that was short, but not sweet!

Mac said...

6:20. A lot slower on that than I expected. I guess this weekend was too relaxing.

Matt said...


I did a non-Hayes Gym WOD since I'm not there yet.

Box jumps (24")
Power Snatch (75lbs)
C2B pull-ups


CPR said...

good workout.