Friday, 27 May

Gymnastics Goat Day!

Spend a total of 30 minutes working on 2 or more gymnastics goats - handstand push-ups?  muscle-ups?  wall climbs?  burpees?!?  Whatever you need work on, get after it.

If you skipped a WOD this week, then this is a great day to make it up.

Post goats and progress to comments.


Adam said...

I tried the 10 minute squat test (basically stay in the down position of the squat for a total of 10 mins.). Let's just say it crushed me. I was able to hold about 1 minute at a time and towards the end I had to hold a KB as a counterweight.

Everytime I came out of the squat, I stopped my watch and then I alternated between 10 x GHD sit-ups and max ring pull-ups.

I need to work on my flexibility in my ankles, hips, and back.

SG and S Smiley crushed it and did like 8 - 10 minutes unbroken. Crazy.

jswobe said...

Wanted to work on handstand push-ups, so I did the CF Games Regional WOD #1:

1000m run
30 handstand push-ups
1000m row

It was a bit of a debacle b/c I am working with sub-standard equipment. The one rower the gym just got is an old one...and the digital display does not work. So I rowed for the same time as I ran.

Anyway...I did 15 hspu vice 30. By the time I got to 13 I was only doing one at a time, so I called it at 15.

After all that mess, my time is really quite irrelevant given the conditions.


Happy Memorial Day!

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