Friday, 05/06/11

Most of your bodies are pretty beat up after this week, so we'll offer a few Friday options:

Option 1:
Run 5k
Row 5k
Bike 15k

Option 2:
Make-up one of the WODs from this week

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Christina said...

I plan to run the 5k, step off around 0545 after a warm-up.

Christina said...

oops, I posted from my wife's computer - 5k comment for Adam

SG said...

Rowed 5k in 23:40

Biked 15k in 20:10

Have a good weekend, and good luck to Army Rugby!

Adam said...

Rowed 1k in 4:11 to warm up

then Ran 5k in 21:54 - about a minute slower than usual - I didn't have any gazelles to chase this morning and I didn't push myself hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Tried a main site WOD from a few days ago, with a slight addition. I'll call this "Jumpin' Jeremy":

95 lb Overhead Squats
with 25x Double Unders between sets

8:57. Transition from burpees to OHS is a tough one on the shoulders.

jswobe said...

Did the Cinco de Mayo WOD...slightly modified for my lack of rings for MUs:

5 RFT:

5 handstand push-ups
10 pull-ups
15 dips
(*w/ a 40-yd dash thrown in to get between the pull-up bar and the dip station in my wonderful post gym...)


Good stuff...and a good rest for the legs...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

A great WOD, but a lackluster return from my short CF hiatus. I was certainly suffering from THS and WMS (Weak Mind Syndrome) today, but finished the WOD nonetheless.

Had plenty of make-up WODs to choose from so I went with Adam's recommendation, Tuesday 5/3 Ring Rows

20:25 scaled bench to 135 for the first two sets and 105 for the remaining 3. 155 for all 5 squat rounds.

JWM said...

I did my first WOD at CF RVA today. Good box if you are ever in the Richmond, VA area.

3x3 DL at 80% 1RM (315 for me)


Wall roll-ups
Kneeling KB half moons (53#)

Both were new exercises to me and the WOD destroyed the core!

10:40 was the time and ChrisM joined me today as well.

Miss you all!