Wednesday, 05/04/11


Run 500m (Comm/Supe's Loop)
5 deadlifts (set weight to 80-85% of one rep max)

Post rounds and weight to comments

Compare to 11/16/10


Adam said...

Rather sad and uninspired performance this morning.

3 rounds + run + 2 DL @ 225#

SG said...

4 rounds + ran to the Comm's guard shack @ 225#.

Thanks to everybody for your willingness to get a little wet this morning!

10 said...

4 rds @ 225. Not really my 80-85% of max but have had some back issues as of late.

baby huey said...

3.5 rds at 245

ErinM said...

Fun run in the rain.

4 rounds + run to Arvin lobby

Sad, sad deadlift, but wanted to use both arms: 45lb

Pauly D said...

4 rounds on the dot.
275 DLs

Mac said...

4 rds + 100m (315 lbs). Tied my past number of rounds, so maybe I need to up the weight.

10 said...

Miscounted...3.5 rds not 4. I attribute it to lack of oxygen to the brain and an extreme case of THS. Who thought counting single digit numbers could be so hard.

Tex said...

I had to modify a CFNE WOD for today.
3 rounds of:
9 power cleans (95lbs db rh only)
9 GHD sit-ups
12 deadlift (95lbs db rh only)
12 back extensions
15 box jumps (24")

I can run in only 6 days!!!

CPR said...

Did "Miller Time" today. Did everything as rx'd except for the double unders (200 singles is a painful, time consuming exercise) and only did one rope climb.

Time: 14:28

Great workout to honor MAJ Miller

Joe said...

3 rounds +500 meter run
285# dl

No gas on the run today (THS)

Dan said...

Accidentally did this one in reverse order (DLs first)

4 Rounds of DL @ 345lbs & 3 x 500m run + 100 meters when time ran out.