Friday, 20 May

CROSSFIT FRIDAY - last one for USMA c/o 2011 - let's take them out with a bang.  Special video request from members of USMA '11:

For the WOD, based on a special request from Nick B:

"Filthy Fifty" (Compare to 11/19/10)

50 x box jumps (24")
50 x jumping pullups
50 x kettlebell swings (35lb)
50 x steps walking lunges (total, not per leg)
50 x knees to elbows
50 x push press (45lb)
50 x back extensions
50 x wall ball shots (20lb)
50 x burpees
50 x double unders

You must complete all reps of an exercise in order to progress to the next exercise.

Post time comments.


Anonymous said...

That video was unbelievably painful and lame. Whoever requested it needs to become an immediate August grad, and subjected to watching it on a continuous loop for the next two months. I may now be too demotivated to complete the workout tomorrow.

Adam said...

I'm planning to be at the '62 at 0615 to catch the later morning crew. SG or anyone else, if you have to hit it at 0530, let me know and I will be there early. This is not one you want to do alone.

Mac, sorry man, maybe the video explains why we haven't had many cadets hitting the WODs lately.

JWhips said...

I won't be able to make it early tomorrow. I'll be in at 1100 for this WOD.

Nick B said...


SG said...

Sorry for the late post...I will be in at 0530.

Adam said...

SG, I will be there at 0530, a bit late as always, but don't start without me, I wouldn't want you to have too much fun solo.

MikeRothenb said...

that was horrible.

Congrats to the class of 2011!

Adam said...

It's been a great grad week at B&G - return of many B&G Legends and the graduation of future B&G legends.

Congrats to Smitty and all the other members of '11 on a job well done. Best of luck in the future, stay in shape, and stay in touch!

As for the Flithy 50: 28:40 (PR by 3:20)

RmeHiDr8n said...

One day from graduation, I would like to thank everyone has been a part of the Black and Gold 0530 crew. Everyone who participated at Black and Gold has made my time at the academy special and provided me something to look forward too. I know I am going to miss the special bond that is formed between a group of people that choose to give up an hour of sleep in order to ‘share the suck.’ That bond instills a deep feeling of trust inside of me because I know that person next to me is willing to push their body to an uncomfortable place. What I think is most impressive is that there are workouts where we know we’re not going to be the best. Hell, we may know we can’t even get a muscle up or whatnot but we show up and give it our all anyway. I think that has formed a team atmosphere that is priceless and something I will search for as I move from post to post, unit to unit and box to box.


Anonymous said...

21:35 (PR by 2:18). Huge welcome back, and thanks, to NM and Chris for pushing me through that miserable suck-fest. I owe the PR to you guys.

Congrats to the Class of '11...the Army needs you, so go out there and get after it!

JWhips said...

Rough day on this one: 23:17
I should have been there at 0530 so I could have worked out with NM. I'm sure that would have made up for at least a few minutes on the burpees. Congrats to everyone graduating. Have a great day tomorrow.