Monday, 05/02/11

Today marks MAJ Jake Miller's ("JWM") final WOD as OIC of the Black & Gold CrossFit affiliate.  As a tribute to his leadership, coaching, encouragement, and loyalty to this program over the past two years, we've created this WOD to honor him.  Please come out at 0530 to say thanks to this incredible officer, and please leave your farewell messages in comments.

"Miller Time"
For time:
20 kettlebell swings (53/35)
20 air squats
20 pullups
20 box jumps (24/20)
20 knees to elbows
20 situps
20 hang power cleans (95/65)
20 wall ball shots (10' @ 20/12)
Run up to the ropes in Hayes Gym
2 rope climbs (at the top of the second ascent, get off on the shelf for the Hayes Gym Running Track)
Run 2.5 laps on the Hayes Gym RunningTrack (200m)
Return to the '62 Room
50 double-unders (200 single-unders for all those who never let MAJ Miller teach you double-unders!)

Post time to comments


SG said...


JWM can't talk about THS today...he killed this one! Great chasing you, as usual. You'll be missed brother.

JWM said...


That was a lot of fun. The last couple years working out with you all has been a blast! Thanks to all of you for giving me a reason to keep getting out of bed and heading into Arvin each morning!

SG, thanks for a great send off!

Adam said...


Great way to send JWM off!

Many thanks to JWM for getting me hooked on CF, it's been an awesome experience! Best of luck in the future and keep at it.

njc said...

19:10 as Rx'd (single unders)... pretty sad.

MAJ M, thanks for the motivation and leadership. It won't be the same without you and MAJ G.

10 said...

12:42 Couldn't do Rope climbs due to a Class in arvin, did an extra lap on the track though. Ropes would have added a couple of extra minutes.

Anonymous said...

11:54. Great "kick in the pants" WOD for a monday morning. And I'd like to say that I let you beat me because this was your final WOD here, Jake, but you crushed me. Thank you for the motivation and the programming, and best of luck. See you back out there in the force.

ACE said...

14:20 w/ scaled kettle bells

Jake - had to post on your last day!

ErinM said...


Double unders are the bane of my cross fit abilities. Killed me at the end - 30 dus and 80 single unders.

One-armed modifications throughout (but scaled up to 24" box jump!)

Thanks Major Miller for making my first year of cross fit challenging and a blast.

Tex said...

13:16 modified with:
1-arm KBS (53lbs)
1-arm pull-ups (95lbs assist)
GHD Sit-ups for KTE
1-arm med ball throws (20lbs)
1-arm power cleans (70lbs)

I am so sorry for missing this morning. JWM, you have been an awesome influence on the B&G group. You will be sorely missed.

Joe said...

Sub 15 pull ups and 15 knee's to elbows for rope climbs
Single unders because I never let JWM teach me du's

Love ya brother thanks for the wonderful gift of crossfit and the great programming. I'll miss you on the B&G site. Hope you stop by home before heading north.

Dan said...

Subbed 15 pull ups and 15 leg raises for rope climbs. Wow, smoker.

Thank you Jake for getting us all here in Salem hooked on Crossfit and plugged in to Black and Gold. Looking forward to seeing you guys some time soon, hopefully. Love you brother.