Tuesday, 05/03/11

Borrowed from the main site this weekend:

Five rounds for time:

15 ring rows
155 lb* bench press, 15 reps
225 lb* back squat, 15 reps

*As always, scale the weight as appropriate, but do the reps as rx'd.

The preview video above covering the ring row can also be found at this LINK.

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njc said...

scaled to 3 rounds @ 155# Squat and 115# BP, due to APFT tomorrow.

19:05. What a struggle! Couldn't imagine doing it as rx'd even if I had wanted to. Thanks for all the help.

Adam said...

20:18, 5 rounds, bench as RX'd, squat at 135#.

A real tough gut check of a WOD. Thanks to SG for the shared misery this morning, it would not be a fun one to do alone.

Pauly D said...

tough tough wod!

Round 1 & 2 were RX'd
Round 3-5: scaled squats to 205

SG said...

24:50...scaled to 115 BP and 135 BS.

The ring rows were way harder than I expected. Awesome to have Adam, Mac, and the DMI guys to knock this one out with.

Kingsley said...

20:41 as rxed. Ring rows and squats were slow going.

baby huey said...


jswobe said...


Bench @ 135
Squat @ 185 (1,2) and 155 (3-5)

That was awesome. When I can do this WOD as RX'd, I will definitely feel as though I have gotten somewhere...

ErinM said...

Really scaled for elbow (but used my left arm!):
1/2 standing up ring rows
32 pound bar for bench
95 on back squat (down to 85 and 75 on last rounds)


Anonymous said...

19:04, scaled the BS to 135.

That was definitely a slog, and tough in a very different way than many of the AMRAPs we've done lately. Nothing but respect to you guys who squatted the full weight-I feel like a girly man by comparison.