Tuesday, 17 May


11 x Burpee thrusters (75 lbs.)
20 x double unders
11 x Wall-ball shots (20 lbs.)

Notice a theme?

Here is a video of burpee power snatches (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST1MkSJHAOQ), the same general concept applies to the burpee thruster, but I couldn't find a video of the exercise.  Bottomline, do a push-up on the barbell, then execute a standard thruster, that's one burpee thruster.


Adam said...

3 rounds + 11 burpee-thrusters.

That was a smoker. DUs were unbroken, b-t broke me off after Round 1.

Great effort by the morning crew.

jswobe said...

3 rounds + burpee thrusters

Those burpee thrusters were different. I went back and forth on my technique: some I did by curling the bar up into a front rack and then doing a full thruster; others I did a full clean straight into a thruster. The squat cleans felt faster, but they also seemed to fatigue me a lot faster.

Pauly D said...

3 rounds plus 9 burps.

Mac said...

4 rds + 7 burpee thrusters, using 85 lbs (10 lb bumper plates bend too easilly).

What a joy that was.

Matt said...


3 rounds and 3 burpee thruster.

Burpee thrusters are so UN-fun