Tuesday, 10 May

200 push-ups

Every time you have to come out of the push-up position to rest, knock out 10 x box jumps (24")

Post time and number of box jumps to comments.


jswobe said...

"come out of the push-up position"

Does that mean anytime the front leaning rest is broken? Butt in the air, sagging, and going to knees? Or just going to knees?

Adam said...

jswobe: if it would terminate your APFT push-up event (hands off the ground, rest on the ground, take a knee, etc.), then do box jumps.

Adam said...


80 box jumps total. Tried to maintain 25 push-ups x 8 sets but couldn't quite get it. A tougher WOD than I thought it would be.

kseki said...

Did 3 rounds of
15xThruster @95#

Pauly D said...

70 box jumps.

10 said...

Made Up yesterdays WOD
15:45 @75lbs and regular situps on the ground feet anchored

Should have gone a bit heavier. 85lbs would have been better.

Anonymous said...

13:05, 70 box jumps. Standard WOD comment applies: that was a lot harder than it looked.

jswobe said...


80 box jumps

...a lot tougher than I thought it would be...

@Adam -- thanks!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


I did box jumps if I broke the "plank" position. Not having a chance to see the reply to jswobe's message I erred on the side of being more strict.

12:27 w/ 70 box jumps

CPR said...

100 box jumps

Wow. 1) that was more box jumps than accpeted

2) that workout was harder than it looked

Tex said...

Did yesterday's WOD with modifications for shoulder
OHS was with PVC pipe
Added 5x air-squats after OHS
Pull-ups were 1-armed and assisted with 95lbs on machine

Traps are smoked.

JC said...

Make up WOD on Friday 13 May:


8 Sets with 70 box jumps. I'm sure I'll be feeling this one over the weekend.