Monday, May 9th


Overhead squat (95 lb.)
GHD sit-ups (advanced) or regular sit-ups  (great GHD video:

Run 1 x Comm's Loop (500m) after each round

NOTE 1: Scale OHS as necessary to maintain form and intensity
NOTE 2: If you haven't done GHD sit-ups before, then you should probably do sit-ups & in the future start working in 5 - 10 GHDs prior to WODs to build your capacity.


Adam said...

16:37 w/ 75# OHS and GHD sit-ups.

Thanks for the encouragement from the 6:30 crew.

kseki said...

16:46 + SFC Hill's clock problems of ~30sec
=17:16 as Rx'd
Thanks Mac for shaming me into doing it as Rx'd..

Pauly D said...

16:04. Subbed regular sit-ups for the GHD...don't really know how to GHD, but I sure know how to GTL!

Anonymous said...

16:15, as Rx'd.

Good job, kseki! I had a feeling you had it in you...and don't you feel better about yourself now?

kseki said...

I do feel better about myself...thanks Mac. Actually enjoyed it but hated the run.

jswobe said...


75 lb OHS

GHD sit-ups

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Kingsley said...

Around 16 minutes as rxed. Good workout.

Matt said...


Back after a week off. Just moved into temp lodging today.

As Rx'd (my 500m course) 13:52

SG said...

16:06 with 75# OHS and regular situps

Dan said...

-@95lbs for OHS
-Blue band for pull-ups
-Regular sit-ups (as I don't have a GHD)
-500 meter run

Matt said...

I just realize I missed the pull-ups. No wonder my time was so low. Oops.