Thursday, 19 May

ROPE & RUN interval training.  Meet in the '62 Room to stretch and then up to the 4th floor basketball courts for the WOD.

12 rounds for time:
20 double unders or 80 single unders - keep the intensity up!
75 meter sprint (entire LONGWISE length of the 4th floor b-ball gym, you cut across several B-ball courts, not just the length of 1)

Rest & repeat

NOTE 1:  Rest 2x time needed for work (i.e. if it takes you 30 seconds for Round 1, rest 60 seconds prior to starting Round 2). 
NOTE 2:  If doing with a group, it's best to rest 60 seconds between rounds - keeps timing easier.
NOTE 3:  Sprint carrying your jump rope so you can maximize efficiency of the work/rest intervals.

Post time to comments.


Matt said...


PCS leave #1: Jet lag recovery.

2-3 mile jog around the old neighborhood with a stop at the high school track:

4 RFT:
Walking Lunge (goal post to goal post on the track)
Broad jump burpees across the width of the field.


I needed someone to race against, I just went really slow even though it wasn't killing me.

Adam said...

Rope and Run intervals was fun.

We did it as a group and rested 1 minute between rounds to keep the timing simple for the group.

Group of 4 (Sean, SG, Jason, and I) did it right at 16:00.

JWhips said...

Thanks for the WOD today. It was nice to work out again with B&G.